Class Verification

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      public final class Verification.PhoneNumber

      If the individual is asked to provide a phone number in the inquiry flow, Persona will send a confirmation PIN code to that phone number and then check the number against public and private databases to confirm that the information provided is valid.

      public final class Verification.GovernmentId

      If the individual is asked to submit a government ID such as a driver license, national ID, or passport, Persona will inspect the ID for authenticity and extract the relevant information from it for additional consumption.

      public final class Verification.Selfie

      When the individual takes a video of their face in real-time, Persona will check that the individual is live and real. If the individual also submits a government ID, the face captured in the selfie is compared against the face in the government ID.

      public final class Verification.Document

      When the individual uploads an arbitrary file, Persona runs some preliminary checks on the document.

      public final class Verification.Database

      When the individual submits personal information, Persona runs some background checks against multiple databases to verify the information entered.

      public enum Verification.Status
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      String getId()
      Verification.Status getStatus()
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